Lowercase Alphabet Puzzle


The Alphabet Puzzle delightful way to encourage a child's problem-solving skills while also reinforcing their recognition of letters! 

The puzzle is 28.5cm wide and 29.5cm height.

The corners are slightly rounded, which gives it an attractive appearance.

The letters, painted in appealing pastel colours, are solid and 'chunky' so that they provide a tactile engagement as well as a visual symbol. This provides an attractive point of interest to engage a child's curiosity.

Each letter is quite large, with the following examples designed to give a guide of their size:

Letter m = 5cm wide, 3cm height and a depth of 1.5cm

Letter h = 3.5cm wide, 4cm height and a depth of 1.5cm

The manufacturer recommends the puzzle for ages 3 +

The Alphabet Puzzle is by the well-regarded brand Hape, which aims to "awaken and inspire" each child's natural love of learning. Hape toys are made with high-quality materials and production processes to ensure longevity and safety.

If you love the idea of an Alphabet Puzzle but you'd prefer to stick with the colour palette associated with the Montessori 'Moveable Alphabet' (where the consonants are all one colour, and the vowels another) you might like to try our Montessori Alphabet Puzzle:


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