Peg Picture Board




The wooden board measures 29cm x 24cm and comes with 27 wooden pieces in various shapes and colours. The set also includes six cards with pattern suggestions. 

Toddlers might enjoy simply placing the individual pieces onto the dowels on the board. This would be considered an 'advanced' level exercise for that age due to the fact that the each piece has only a very small hole in the centre. 

Toddlers and young pre-schoolers alike will enjoy putting pieces together to create their own unique patterns, shapes or pictures.

Pre-schoolers will also enjoy using the included picture cards to recreate the suggested patterns. This is a challenging experience that requires the child to translate an abstract image into a physical manifestation.


Children who master and enjoy that element might be invited to start moving in the opposite direction - making their own patterns with the wooden pieces and then drawing these pictures for a future reminder or for a friend (or parent!) to create.

Recommended for ages 3+