Three Shape Puzzle



The perfect puzzle for helping toddlers to build their recognition of shapes and develop the problem-solving skills associated with matching.

This petite puzzle is perfect for little hands. The base measures 20cm by 8cm, with the pieces sitting within this. The square is 5cm by 5cm.

The pieces deliberately do not feature knobs or handles. Instead the child is encouraged to hold each piece on its edges to experience its dimensions. This helps to create a tactile impression of the shape. The child can feel the lines, curves and corners of each letter to help build a 'muscular memory' that reinforces their recognition.

The natural beauty of the wood grain is allowed to shine through, with no distractions from colours or patterns. This helps the child to focus their attention on the shapes so that they can more clearly differentiate between them and recall their forms. 

Recommended for ages 12 months +

The Cylinders are made from sustainable plantation timber and are stained with non-toxic, child-safe materials and meet Aus/NZ Safety Standards 8124. 

The Three Shape Puzzle arrives beautifully boxed, so it is a perfect gift and can also be conveniently stored when not in use.