Wooden Learning Puzzle - COLOURS

Bright Spark



Colour matching is a classic activity - and an important early skill - and I love some of the unique features offered by the 12 pairs of colours presented in this Wooden Learning Puzzle.

It offers wooden pieces rather than cardboard for increased longevity (especially important if they're being used in a toddler classroom!) The layout of the pieces is visually appealing without being overwhelmingly busy. The pieces offer clear, easy-to-read print to link the written words to the verbal names of the colour. The set also provides an opportunity to start thinking about shades. It features an example of comparing light and dark by offering two shades of the colour blue.

The individual pieces measure approximately 7cm wide x 6.5cm in height (meaning that when two pieces are matched the pair is approximately 14cm wide). 

The thickness of the ply-board is approximately 4mm. This means the pieces are easy to handle, and slot together comfortably, but are also sturdier than cardboard pieces.

Recommended for ages 3-6.