0-9 Number Cookie Cutters

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People usually aren't too keen to "eat their words" but with these Cookie Cutters your child will be more than happy to "eat their numbers"!

This charming set comes with 10 stainless steel cookie cutters showing the shapes of numerals 0 to 9. They are a great addition to any kitchen - at home or in the classroom - as they encourage all of the benefits of baking while providing the added bonus of reinforcing numeral recognition and early counting skills! The small and detailed nature of the cookie cutters also promotes an advanced and challenging level of fine motor control for your budding baker.

The cookie cutters come perfectly contained in a small, round tin. They fit snugly into this space which provides a great visual reminder for the child to ensure all pieces are returned to the tin after use. If a couple of pieces are missing it leaves an obvious gap in the tin, providing a self-correcting mechanism to inspire the child to find the overlooked numbers. 

The small size of the Number Cookie Cutters is ideal because it allows many cookies to be made from a single batch of dough (even if it is a small batch). This is perfect for sharing - particularly in a classroom context - because you can be confident that a single batch will result in enough individual cookies for every member of the classroom community to have one.

The small size of the cookie cutters also provides a subtle and natural way to control the size of the portions. It means that each individual cookie that a child consumes will be quite small. This helps to minimise the intake of sugars and fats while still allowing the child to feel like he or she has had a treat. 

The small size also means quick baking times! This is ideal if you're in a hurry or looking to bake multiple batches to result in lots of cookies (such as for a party). The small cookies bake quickly so eager little chefs don't have to wait too long to taste the fruits of their labour!

The presence of the numerals 0-9 allows for endless counting opportunities and configurations. Even the highest numbers can be spelled out using these cookie cutters - just make enough cookies and you could be making mouth-watering millions! 

A group of children (aged 2, 3, 4 and 5) work together in my Montessori classroom to create a batch of number cookies. Other tools used include our Rolling Pin and Mini Sifter (as pictured above).

The 0-9 Cookie Cutters could also be used with playdough or soft plasticines to create playable numerals. These could be used at pre-school level for simple number recognition or for ordering. At Primary School level it could be a fun way to engage a child in maths activities - spelling out equations with playdough numbers and then calculating the total using handmade playdough counters! 

When the cookies are made (or the playdough enjoyed!) the child can be involved in the Practical Life activity of scrubbing the cookie cutters clean. Please note - for hygiene reasons I do recommend that an adult double checks the cookie cutters after the child finishes washing them as a couple of the numbers do have nooks and crannies where little crumbs can hide! 

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One final quick tip - if you're using the cookie cutters in a Pre-school environment (or at home with children under the age of 5) I recommend taking the shapes of the numerals into account. Certain numerals - such as 1 and 7 - are particularly easy to create because of their simple shapes. This makes them perfect for beginners - children using them for the first time or for 2 or 3 year olds who might find it too challenging to successfully manipulate the more complex numerals. Those more complex numerals, such as 5 and 8, which have more lines and details may be more successfully handled by the older or more experienced children. 

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