Flower Boxes


The Flower Boxes are available in three style options (please see the gallery);

  • Double (two jars with a wooden top and metal legs)
  • Single (one jar with a wooden top and metal legs)
  • Box (one jar in wooden box frame)
  • Or just  buy a lid! Convert your old jars into beautiful vases!

These styles are available in a variety of colour options! Please be careful to select your preference from the drop-down menu.


Double: Top: 13 x 23cm, height of 11cm, Jars: 7.5cm diameter, 10cm height (sits approx. 3cm above top)

Single: Top: 13 x 13cm, height of 11cm, Jar: 7.5cm diameter, 10cm height (sits approx. 3cm above top)

Box: 13 x 13cm, height of 11cm, Jar: 7.5cm diameter, 10cm height (sits approx. 3cm above top)

Lid: Standard size - should fit most mason jars with a 68mm diameter. 

The Flower Boxes have two unique features that make them ideal for the type of deliberate, artistic flower arranging typical of a Montessori 'Practical Life' experience.

1. The 'criss-cross' wires across the lid are perfect for meticulously placing the stems to create beautiful, balanced arrangements. This encourages children to not simply 'chuck the flowers in a jar' but to genuinely engage in the patient process of creating a floral work of art!

2. The frames provide a stable, sturdy foundation for the vases. This keeps the vase upright as the child arranges the flowers, carries the frame or enjoys the view! This can be helpful during both the arranging and the display stages. During arranging it keeps the vase steady while the child focuses on the visual elements. Once the vase is on display it helps to avoid unwanted spills (and therefore protects the work and/or materials that might be on the table or shelf under the vase).

The Flower Boxes have such a gorgeous aesthetic that they would look equally perfect in a trendy hipster home, in a vintage atmosphere or in a modern minimalist environment.

The Flower Boxes also send a subtle eco friendly message by providing an aesthetic example of 'upcycling'. The natural wood used in the frames and the 'mason jar' style used for the vases suggest the beauty inherent in natural materials and reused objects.

The wooden elements of the frames (the top on the Double and Single styles, and the entire frame in the Box style) can be personalised through painting or decoupage. This could be a fun project for a child to help match the Flower Box to a room colour scheme or decor theme.

An example of decorating the Box style frame.


Box with Copper


Double Pale Blue


Single Copper

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