Fraction Board

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A puzzle and a mathematical experience in one resource.

This material provides children with a hands-on, tactile experience with the concept of fractions. The four circles on the board are each broken up into a different fraction; one whole, two halves, three thirds and four quarters. 

The board itself measures 28cm x 28cm.

What makes this particular board so unique is that it expands on the sensory concept of dividing the shape by providing the numeric representation of the fraction. Each piece of each divided circle has it's fraction printed on one side (1/2, 1/3, 1/4) and the associated decimal on the other (0.5, 0.33, 0.25). This capitalises on the child's absorbent mind by presenting these symbolic representations in association with the physical experience.

To assist younger children the base of the puzzle is colour-coded to match the corresponding pieces. This acts as a self-correcting mechanism so that a child can problem-solve and complete the puzzle without the assistance of an adult.

The pieces do not have to be returned to their official "home" - they can also be mixed and matched to explore various ways that fractions associate (such as two quarters and one half making a whole) or compared against each other to create a stack of matching circles from various fractions.

The wood is sustainably farmed European beech.