Furniture Brush

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'Care of the Environment' is such a unique feature of the Montessori approach. This subset of the Practical Life curriculum helps children to develop a sense of empathy and respect for the world around them while learning the techniques to demonstrate this respect through tangible expressions. 

The petite brush measures approximately 19cm in length (consisting of 15cm of handle and 4cm of brush bristles). It is handmade in Germany and comes from the renowned Redecker range of high-quality homewares and tools. 

The oiled beechwood handle has a leather strap on one end from which it can hang for easy storage. 

It is particularly ideal for cleaning fragile or precious objects that can't be polished with a cloth or larger duster. 

The handle of the Brush is quite a thin cylinder, which allows a child to use a 'pincer' grip when holding it. Many Montessori activities and experiences provide these types of 'pre-writing' experiences where the manipulation of tools prepares the muscles and posture of the fingers for the same movements that will later be used to write.