Tree Rounds - Counting & Building Set


A rustic play set that epitomises the beauty of nature and allows your little one to create their own 'tree houses' (and more!) with these logs, wooden discs and stumps.

The set includes 70 pieces that can be transformed into creative constructions or used to explore mathematical and sensory concepts. 

The theme of nature is reinforced by the fact that the pieces are finished with beeswax instead of treated with a harsh varnish. 

The log pieces are contained in a large, drawstring bag for easy storage and transport.

Recommended for ages 3+

The pieces differ in size and dimension so that children can begin making mathematical comparisons. A child may, for instance, discover that 5 of the shortest pieces equal the height of a taller log. These realisations can be the spontaneous result of the child's heuristic exploration, or an adult can engage to demonstrate or highlight some of these connections. 

To give an idea of the range of sizes, the largest piece measures around 8cm in height with an approximate diameter of 5.5cm, while the shortest log rounds measure only about 1cm in height but around the same diameter. The tall, thin pieces are around 9cm in height and 3cm in diameter.

Please note that there is not an absolute uniformity to the pieces. The assortment is intended to reflect that nature follows patterns but that there is diversity within these. 

If you would prefer the precision and uniformity of factory made pieces we do have several building block sets that may better suit your needs...


Just click the image of the blocks you prefer to view the product listing!

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