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We so often tell children that "the sky is the limit" when it comes to their options and opportunities. This beautiful resource ensures that even the sky isn't a limit to their learning! 

The Globe Planetarium is an exciting, interactive and open-ended way for a child to explore the world beyond our Earth. It provides a '2 for 1' opportunity, with each globe offering a different perspective on outer space. 

One globe focuses on the constellations. When it is switched on it lights up the sky with a beautiful landscape of stars. My favourite thing about this is that it shows the constellations from the perspective of the southern hemisphere - so Aussie children get to learn about the stars from our down-under point of view.  

The globe allows a child to choose between different modes; projection or movement and commentary. The first simply projects the images of the stars (or planets) so that the child can sit, observe, discuss and discover. The second mode provides a more directed learning experience as the commentary offers information about the constellations / planets.

In addition to the globe the set also includes a light pointer which can be used to highlight stars. This makes the activity more open-ended and allows an educator or parent to introduce interactive games to introduce the names of the constellations. For instance, the adult can first hold the light and shine it on a small selection of constellations while introducing the name of each. The adult can then give the pointer to the child and ask "shine the light on the Southern Cross". 

The learning experiences offered by the globes and pointers are further enhanced by the inclusion of a CD-ROM and information booklet. This written manual provides information about the planets, the constellations and the legends of the zodiac. A primary school aged child might like to read this book to independently access information. A younger child might enjoy listening to an adult read the words (or the adult might just use it as a "cheat sheet" before giving presentations!). 

This is an ideal resource for children in primary school, particularly those who are discovering the first of the Five Great Lessons. It can also be presented to Pre-school children who have a particular interest in space.

The 'projection' mode of both globes also makes an ideal relaxation resource. In a darkened room, with some beautiful music playing in the background, a child can experience a great sense of peace. 

The manufacturer recommends this item for ages 8+.

Please note: The Planetarium requires 6 x AA batteries. These are not included in the box so please ensure that you purchase these before introducing the Planetarium to a classroom or to your child.