Bubble Bath Whisk


A sweet way to splash around as your child whisks up the bubbles in the bath! As your child eagerly cranks the handle to spin the whisk the bubbles will grow along with their giggles!

As well as being lots of fun it's a great way to help your child to develop a positive connection with 'bath time'. It can also help to engage a little one's attention if he or she is sometimes a bit uncomfortable with elements of the bathing process, such as having their hair rinsed. Plus it sneaks in a bit of gross motor exercise for good measure! The child simply grips the blue cylinder and then uses the other hand to turn the green handle at the top. 

I have a soft spot for this item as I remember spending many hours as a child gleefully turning the handle of traditional hand-powered 'Egg Beaters', racing as fast as I could to make bubbles or mix ingredients! I also have fond memories of my niece's early childhood where she would joyfully splash around playing with the bubbles in her bath. This cute little activity combines those two lovely memories for me - and will hopefully inspire the creation of many happy moments for your little one!

The Whisk measures approximately 25cm in length.

The manufacturer recommends this item for children ages 3+.