Small Sorting Balls (Set of 50)


This beautiful set of Small Sorting Balls is perfect for sorting, counting and more!

The set of 50 consists of five different colours, with ten of each. The colours are red, orange, yellow, blue, dark green and light green. 

Each Small Sorting Ball measures approximately 2cm. This makes it an ideal size for a child to grasp with their fingers to refine the pincer grip or with tools such as tongs.

The Small Sorting Balls can be used for a range of sensory, numeracy and fine motor experiences, from sorting by colour to transferring with tools.


Transferring exercises with tongs and other tools!


The Small Sorting Balls are also ideal for adult-child interactions. The adult can use these small balls to introduce or reinforce new vocabulary, such as identifying the various colours, or they can be used to present new concepts, such as counting out various quantities. The presence of dark and light green balls means that shade sorting can also be introduced. 

All Qtoys products are made out of plantation timber using non-toxic and child safe materials.

Please remember that small objects can be a choking hazard to young children. We do not recommend the use of these balls with children under the age of 3. Effective supervision is always vital in protecting the safety and well-being of children.