Squeezy Tweezers


Squeeze this tool in the middle to open the tweezers and strengthen muscles in little hands and fingers! A perfect picker-upper that also builds the hand strength necessary for good fine-motor skills. 

Parents and educators alike are often extremely eager to assist young children with the development of fine motor control. This is particularly true because of the impact of fine motor control on the development of writing skills. The use of tweezers is an ideal pre-writing exercise to develop strength, control and coordination in the hands and fingers.

Recommended for ages 3+

The Squeezy Tweezers come in six colour options (please choose your preference from the drop-down menu).

Tweezers can be used during real Practical Life tasks - such as for transferring seeds into a cosy hole in the soil ready for planting. 

They can also be used to make the 'Practical Life Exercises' that are presented in many Montessori classrooms and homes. The tweezers can be used to transfer, sort or count out small objects.