First Shapes Puzzle

A compact and colourful little puzzle that helps to introduce shape and colour recognition. Five shapes feature on the puzzle to provide the perfect level of challenge for toddlers as they compare the dimensions of each piece to find its home.
The First Shapes Puzzle shares an important feature with the Montessori Cylinder Blocks (one of the quintessential Sensorial materials) in terms of the knobs on top of each cylinder that can be used to pick up and place each piece. The knobs are large enough to be comfortably gripped by a range of grasps as the toddler's fine motor coordination develops, ultimately leading towards the 'pincer' grip that will be used for writing.
As each piece is removed it reveals a coloured cavity. This allows a child to use colour recognition and/or shape recognition to put the puzzle back together, matching each piece to its home. Adults can help a young child to build their descriptive vocabulary by naming these shapes colours. 
The base of the puzzle measures approximately 45cm in length and 9cm in height. 
This puzzle is recommended for ages 12 months plus.