Moon & Stars Balancing Game


A unique and interesting activity - how many arrangements can be made with this little constellation of 15 stars and a crescent moon?!

Toddlers may enjoy simply stacking the stars on top of each other - initially placing them flat so that they can be stacked like blocks, but then moving to the more challenging concept of standing the stars upright and resting other stars on their shoulders.

Older children can progress to the more challenging task of using the crescent moon as a base upon which to balance the stars! This takes an enormous amount of concentration, forethought, reflexivity and motor control. It's also a great activity for encouraging a child to engage in 'bilateral' movement - using both hands together. One hand can steady the existing pieces while the other hand engages in 'trial and error' by placing the new piece in a few different positions until it balances. In fact, it's tricky enough that it will likely inspire collaboration as children work together to 'steady' the tower while more pieces are added then let go to test whether it will balance alone! 

The crescent moon measures approximately 15cm x 8cm. There 10 small stars that measure 3.5cm from tip to tip across the 'span' of its points, and 5 large stars measuring 6cm across.

The wood is left unpainted, allowing children to enjoy the natural beautiful grains and knots. No need for bright colours or patterns here, nature has decorated it for us!

This material also makes a perfect addition to the decor of a child's home or classroom. It looks beautiful on the shelf and could also be used as a symbolic reminder of important messages you share with your child, such as "shoot for the moon and even if you miss you will land among the stars" or (one of my personal favourites!) "I love you to the moon and back"!