Round Mini Baskets (Set of 2)


The aesthetic beauty of these baskets mean that they are also the perfect addition to the decor of your child's room (or your classroom!). They are available in three gender-neutral patterns; Green, Rainbow or Stripes (please see gallery photos!). 

Both baskets are very petite and tiny. The smallest is approx. 16cm in diameter and 12cm in height. The larger is approx. 20cm in diameter and 15cm in height.

These sweet little baskets suit a variety of purposes for a child...

They can be used as a first 'Montessori Treasure Basket' for infants and toddlers (a few independent examples of how to create a Treasure Basket can be found here or here and here!).

They can be used to hold individual pieces of an activity (such as a small selection of Discovery Blocks) or to group together related objects (such as a small selection of musical instruments). 

They could also be used as Practical Life baskets. For instance, one could be arranged as a "Care of the Self" basket, containing a hairbrush, mirror, toothbrush, nail brush and other personal items to encourage your child to move towards independence in this area. Alternatively a child might assist with hanging out the washing by placing just a couple of wet items in the larger basket and carrying a couple of pegs in the smaller one - thus limiting the size of the task and preparing the child for success with this new skill!

The baskets could also be used as a gift basket if you are gathering a few treasures to celebrate another child's birth or birthday!

These gorgeous little baskets can also be used for very practical purposes, particularly because of the strong handles. A child could happily carry a little personal picnic to the park in one of the baskets (perhaps with mum or dad carrying a matching snack in the other!). If your child (or class) visits the local markets then these would also make the perfect basket for collecting a small selection of healthy goodies. Just draw a little shopping list together before hitting the market and then encourage your child to find the corresponding foods and independently collect and carry them!


The Round Mini Baskets are handmade from strong and durable seagrass. The seagrass tends to make these baskets last much longer than other basket styles (such as wicker or cane) because there is less tendency for 'snapping' or breakage over time. If your toddler rolls onto this seagrass basket it will squash and flatten but then return to its original shape, rather than cracking like a cane basket. 


Please note: Due to the strong but malleable nature of seagrass the baskets do occasionally shift shape during shipping. If this occurs simply reshape the basket by pushing or bending it back into place. If your baskets lose shape over time (or after storing something oddly shaped) you can repeat this reshaping process by wetting the basket by soaking in, or spraying with, water to make the seagrass more pliable and then bend, push or pull the basket back into its original shape and let it dry! 



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