Baby Morris Books

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A beautiful series of books for toddlers, about a toddler, with the aim of inspiring play!

Here are the things I love about Baby Morris;

  • Simple but accurate language that helps to engage the little listener with an emphasis on descriptive and action words. The clear language, with subtle elements of repetition and onomatopoeia, is perfect for reading interactions between a parent and a very young child (0 to 3). It allows even the youngest listener to start recalling some of the sounds and rhythms so that he or she can start contributing to the storytelling.  
  • Realistic scenarios that help to connect the reader with his or her real world.
  • An emphasis on nature, practical life experiences, motor movement and sensory engagement. These are such vital elements for a young child's healthy development so it is wonderful to have Baby Morris as a role model promoting these experiences!
  • Even the physical characteristics of the book are ideal - sturdy cardboard pages that can withstand the eagerness of very little hands.

The Baby Morris series is written by an author with years of experience in Montessori and child development - Ruth Barker. If your little one loves Baby Morris then you deserve a Ruth Barker book for yourself too - try her Parenting 5 series! You can learn more about Ruth at her website Toddler Education Services.