Shape Fractions Puzzle


The Fraction Puzzles can be used to introduce the mathematical concepts of fractions - and their related terminology - but it can also be used simply as a problem-solving puzzle. Younger children will enjoy trying to replace the pieces, experimenting with different placements and using 'trial-and-error' strategies to complete all four circles or squares. Older children can extend their understanding by learning the names of the various fractions as they put them together to form a whole.


This material provides children with a hands-on, tactile experience with the concept of fractions. The five shapes on the board are each broken up into a different fraction; one whole, two halves, three thirds, four quarters and five fifths.


In addition to aiding explorations of fractions, the puzzle also facilitates investigations of colour, shades and shapes. A child who is working independently will be absorbing visual perception of these characteristics. When an adult is working with a child it offers a wonderful opportunity to introduce the language associated with these shapes (circle, rectangle, triangle, square, pentagon) and with the colours (yellow, blue, green, red/pink, purple) and even the varying shades of those colours (light/dark, lighter/darker, lightest/darkest).  


To assist younger children the base of the puzzle is colour-coded to match the corresponding pieces. This acts as a self-correcting mechanism so that a child can problem-solve and complete the puzzle without the assistance of an adult.


The board itself measures 21cm x 21cm.

The puzzle is recommended for ages 3+