Miniature Ladle


A lovely little Ladle for a child to use for transferring liquids.

The handle of the Miniature Ladle measures approximately 10cm. It features a curved tip so that it can be hung on a kitchen hook for storage. The curved end of the handle also provides a practical purpose - if the ladle is placed into a large bowl the curved tip can be hooked over the lip of the bowl so that the ladle itself does not slip down into the liquid.

The scoop of the Ladle holds one ounce (approximately 30 mls) of liquid. This standard measurement allows the Ladle to become a useful tool for not only transferring but also measuring. It can therefore be utilised with real cooking experiences, as well as in 'exercises'.

The scoop of the Ladle also features a pouring lip. This provides a point of interest to draw the child's attention towards the angle required to successfully pour the liquid. The lip promotes attention to detail and controlled movements, naturally encouraging the child to attempt a careful and controlled pouring motion. The location of the pouring lip also provides a strong incentive for the child to gently rotate the wrist inwards - just as he or she will need to do when writing! The introduction of this movement helps the child to become comfortable with holding the arm in this position, providing the foundation for the child to later engage in prolonged periods of writing.  

Shown here with our Bambino Bucket.

The Miniature Ladle can be held with the pincer grip used for writing. The use of this tool provides an 'indirect preparation' of the hand. Indirect preparations for writing are extremely valuable in early childhood. They allow the child to master the formation of the fingers without the perceived pressure of engaging in direct 'writing exercises'.


The Miniature Ladle can be utilised within transferring exercises, such as the activity shown above. The adult can highlight the 'point of interest' of lifting the ladle from the first vessel and waiting for the drips to stop before beginning the smooth movement towards the other vessel. 

If the Miniature Ladle is used within a 'transferring exercise' it is important that the adult first tests the activity to ensure that the Ladle is appropriately matched to the vessel. The relatively shallow scoop allows it to reach most of the liquid present in a bowl or bucket - as shown above. When the activity is presented the adult can draw the child's attention towards the idea of carefully tipping the vessel, when only a small amount of water is left, so that the Ladle can collect the last few drops.