Our Products

At Montessori Child we are more than just a "shop" - we aim to offer a unique service to families and educators. When you shop with Montessori Child you are getting access to the training and expertise of a qualified Montessori educator who has handpicked and tested every material. This means that you don’t have to spend hours online or in a shop trying to filter out all the plastic distractions and media merchandise - our qualified and experienced Montessori educator has done it for you! This also means that when you have questions about your new tools, toys or treasures you can contact our Montessori consultant directly to ask for tips and ideas.


You can shop quickly and confidently knowing that everything on Montessori Child possesses the high standards and special attributes that will inspireengage and delight!


Montessori Child is inspired by the principles of the Montessori philosophy. Yet these principles and traits are not limited to Montessori schools – they are harmonious with so many other progressive and respectful philosophies, including the Reggio Emilia approach, the Steiner method and many organic, conscientious parenting and care practices.


So what characteristics do the resources of Montessori Child possess?


· High quality materials and craftsmanship resulting in appealing aesthetics, lasting durability and the opportunity for a child to forge a strong sensory, emotive connection with the experience.


· A unique element of delight, intrigue, sensation or appeal to entice the child towards activity.


· An invitation for the child to engage in meaningful, hands-on activity.


· An opportunity for repetition, refinement and reflection.


· A chance for the child to be self-directed and points of interest to provoke a child to problem-solve and self-correct.


· A sense of connection and consistency between materials, so that a child might start to see the importance of patterns, projects and processes.


· An element of creativity and open-endedness for the child to inject his or her individuality and unique perspective.


· A capacity for true success in order to experience the resulting development of independence and self esteem (our gardening tools are not toys – they are scaled-down versions of adult tools and as such they are fully functioning).


· And, of course, our materials must reflect the Montessori principle of showing respect and reverence for our natural world, whether this is by teaching the practical life skills required to tend to it or by providing toys that are made using sustainable materials and practices. 


We spend hours searching through supplier and wholesale catalogues and stores to find the small selection of these products that are truly worthy of having an impact on a young child’s life. Our children are the creators of our tomorrows; they deserve the highest quality tools with which to inspire their experiences and to build our future!


So shop with Montessori Child and offer your child toys, tools and treasures that will 
inspireengage and delight!