About Us

Each child is on a journey of development, exploration and discovery. 

Each child grows with every moment that passes, with each new experience encountered. 
Each child is nurtured by a series of caretakers who provide just the right conditions to encourage inspiration, engagement and delight.

'Montessori Child' is on a journey like this too. 

It was born from the passion of founder Catherine Gribben as a small online community helping conscientious parents to connect, learn and acquire beautiful materials for their little explorers. 
After many years in Cath's caring hands it was time for Montessori Child to move into its second plane of development, this time under the nurturing guidance of Amy Johnson. Under Amy's watchful eye the community of Montessori Child thrived and grew.
At the start of 2013 Montessori Child took another step along its journey of development when we became the new caretakers of Montessori Child
'We' are Andrew Matheson and Jessica Langford, and we are very pleased to meet you!
We are based in the foothills of Adelaide, South Australia, where we are kept company by our extremely energetic and interested young dog Ringo. He must be able to sense that he lives in a "Montessori household" because he certainly demonstrates a desire for order and routine, a preference for independence and self-correction rather than unquestioning obedience, an innate love of learning and exploring and a desire to be "paws on" rather than just watching!
Jessica was a "Montessori child" herself once upon a time, and has since been a Montessori teenager, a Montessori adult, a Montessori teacher and now a Montessori retailer! Jessica's immersion in the Montessori philosophy comes as a result of her mother, Barbara Langford, falling so deeply in love with Montessori as a parenting approach that she actually started her own little Montessori Pre-school for Jessica to attend as a child. Named after Jessica and her brother, Scott, Jessica attended "Jescott" Montessori from the age of 2 and is now the centre Director, with Barbara still teaching alongside her two days a week. The Jescott children find it fascinating to discover that one teacher is the other teacher's mummy! 
Andrew was not quite fortunate enough to be a Montessori Child himself but he has become a fully-fledged Montessori grown-up! Like so many who discover this beautiful philosophy in adulthood he has come to reflect on the challenging aspects of his own childhood and youth and has realised how much smoother his own journey may have been if the adults in his life had possessed the knowledge of "following the child". Andrew has become dedicated to offering his support to the teachers and parents who offer such valuable opportunities and understanding to their own precious little ones. 
Our life together is also enriched by the regular presence of a special Montessori Child - Jessica's niece Emily. Emily provides inspiration, joy and humour to our household and our lives. While we have not yet created any little people of our own we are extremely proud and privileged to play an extremely close role in supporting Emily's growth and development. From the earliest moments together, of feeling baby Emily's tiny heart beating softly as she fell asleep cradled in Jessica's arms, there has been an irreplaceable and immeasurable bond with this delightful little lady. Just as we feel honoured to play a part in her journey through life we now feel that we have an opportunity to support countless other children and families through their journey of inspiration, engagement and delight!



Please note that at present we do not have a 'bricks and mortar' store. 
We operate out of our home in Teringie in South Australia


We realise that some of our tools, toys and treasures are best experienced 'hands-on' so we do travel around Australia visiting various markets and parenting expos. Please follow Montessori Child Shop on Facebook to stay up to date about when and where you can meet us face to face.