Customer Testimonials

We are fortunate enough to engage in dialogue with lots of the Montessori families and educators who find treasures here at Montessori Child. Through email correspondence - and our presence on social media - we are able to enjoy open and positive channels of communication. We really value the opportunity to get to know the individuals who visit our site. These conversations particularly help us to follow the needs of the families and schools - our interaction with our customers actually forms the very shape of our service!

Below are excerpts from some of the conversations we have shared with parents, educators and colleagues. We receive so many lovely words and we have chosen just a small sample to share with you. We hope that these words will help to paint a picture the pride that we take in our work. In particular we hope it will highlight the value that we place on our relationships with and dedication to, our customers. 

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"Hello Jessica,

My daughter was lucky enough to receive a number of christmas gifts from her aunt this past week from her wish list.
I just wanted to say how impressed we are with the quality of the products!

The explorer box has been carried around all weekend, packed and unpacked over and over again every time something is deemed worthy of collection, I love that the binoculars actually work, we have 2 other pairs and they are fuzzy and do not adjust to fit her little face.

The giant magnet has been a huge hit also, someone is having a great time working out how many items can be lifted out of the cutlery drawer!

The stethoscope has been thoroughly tested out by adults and kids alike, all the animals have had thorough check ups to make sure they do in fact have a heartbeat.

The mini sifter is fantastic, as is the butterfly life cycle which is at the moment the clear favourite.

All the items and books we received have been thoroughly enjoyed and  I can see already how much use they will get as our daughter finds different ways to utilise them as she grows.

Thank you for putting together such a great collection of items.

Kind regards,


"Thanks for your kind reply and information.

I wouldn’t know where to start selecting my favourite products – they are all beautiful.

The standard Montessori range of infant / toddler materials is always limited – and yours stood out to me.



"Hi Jessica,

Thankyou so much for taking the time to respond, your level of customer service has blown me away and I'm sure that reflects in a thriving business and many happy customers! 
I so appreciate you making such an effort!

"Of course you can use my comments. I am in great gratitude to you and your business. I've been made to feel like a very much valued customer. You have been so kind and understanding, thank you for all your help! :)
"Hi Jessica,
What a lovely gesture - thank you so much.
I've been admiring your website again since my previous order and it won't be long before I place another order.
I have recently set up a new learning based Playgroup for 2 to 4 year olds that involves a lot of Montessori philosophy and I've found your ideas and website a great source of inspiration - thank you!
I look forward to dealing with you again in future.
Have a great week.
Best wishes and kind regards,
Please note: in some instances we have removed sections of the full correspondence. Sometimes this is done because the additional content was of a personal nature - for instance, it may relate to a parent or educator asking us for advice about a child, or could include private details such as contact or shipping details. To protect the privacy of our customers we do not include full names or contact details on this page. 
We do not remove content that alters the tone or message of the overall comment. We also do not edit, rephrase or spell-check the included words - they are directly reproduced from the original comments.