Montessori Child Retreat

Montessori Child Retreat

A special opportunity for our South Australian customer community!

When is a shop not a shop?

When it’s about relationships not retail.

This space is about inspiration, not trade. Yes it’s a “point of sale” (you can make purchases here, or pick up orders made online) but that is not our primary focus. We are offering ideas, information  and inspiration.

The dynamic here is between ‘parent’ and ‘educator’, not ‘customer’ and ‘shopkeeper’.

This is not a place where random customers walk off the street to look at toys. It’s an environment where conscientious, passionate parents and professionals can have hands-on experiences with some of the educational resources we offer and can learn more about how to incorporate Montessori principles at home or in early learning environments.

What will I do when I visit the Montessori Child Retreat?

You can interact with the materials that are on display. These will rotate regularly and are arranged in the manner of a “prepared environment at home” to give you some ideas of how the activities  can be presented.   


You can read our literature relating to the Montessori method. This includes the handouts and infographics developed by Montessori Child but you are also welcome to peruse some of the books on display as part of our parent library.

You can view our catalogues or connect to our website via your mobile device or tablet to view our full range, place orders and to lodge requests for hands-on interactions with specific materials. You can spend as long as you like on our comfortable couch enjoying some relaxing time in our retreat while planning the next steps in your Montessori learning journey.


Why do I need to become a My Montessori Child member?

We are striving to achieve something out of the ordinary, an experience unlike any other.

It is also unique because it is part of a Montessori community, not a retail complex. We inhabit a building that also houses an operating Montessori environment and the offices of a highly respected Montessori Management company. For this reason it is important that we know

What are the benefits of becoming a My Montessori Child member.

-Pick up option for your orders (including discount code to remove shipping fee from your order).

-Admission by appointment to our showroom to engage with our tools, toys and treasures.

-Access to our infographic ‘Tips and Tricks’ for setting up Montessori environments.

-Opportunity to personally request hands-on previews with particular resources.

-Invitations to Open Market Days.

-Access to special events.

-Exclusive deals and discounts.

-Membership to our private Facebook page, filled with photographs and articles.

-Access to an extended product range, including furniture that is simply too big to stock ‘online’


How to become a member:

Send an email request to containing the following information:
Your full name, your residential address, your email, your contact number.

We will verify your information and provide you with your unique membership information. Once you are approved you will receive a confirmation email.

The memberships are non-transferable and we reserve the right to deny access to individuals who have not been verified as members. Due to our proximity to an operating Montessori Preschool we need to have records of who is entering our showroom.

Please note: At this stage only South Australian members will be authorised.

Families of the SA Montessori group of centres are eligible for automatic membership and unlimited access during preschool hours.