My own Montessori Pre-school - where I began as a student and returned as a teacher!

A wonderful treasure trove of resources from an inspiring Australian Montessori professional, Ruth Barker.  Toddler Education Services provide informative presentations to educators, in-home consultations to parents, an inspiring blog and the wonderful 'Parenting 5' Series of books! You can also find Toddler Education Services on Facebook here



Lovable Learning is an incredible blog by Australian mum Rachel 'Racheous' Brown. Rachel incorporates elements of Montessori into her homeschooling environment and activities for her own children. She also takes inspiration from other pedagogies and sources, such as the style of the Reggio Emilia schools. This provides a balanced and open-minded approach so it is perfect for parents who are looking for positive parenting and activity ideas without necessarily wanting to be stick strictly to a specific methodology. You can find Lovable Learning on Facebook here.


The official website for the Montessori Australia Foundation. Learn more about Montessori or find a school near you!


Montessori Books - operated by the Montessori Australia Foundation - has a broad range of books for children and parents alike, including the original texts by Dr Maria Montessori.


'Good at Doing Things' - the case for Montessori by internationally renowned neuropsychologist Dr Steven Hughes

Looking for more parenting tips that harmonise with Montessori principles? Try any one of the fantastic books by Alfie Kohn.

For a comprehensive range of AMI-Approved Montessori classroom materials please visit Think Education. 


 Montessori Print Shop offers a wide range of downloadable templates for cards and activities.
(One of our lovely friends, Sarah, particularly recommends the Flower Shapes, Animal Habitats & Food Chain cards!) 


M.A.N Made Creations is an Australian, family operated furniture business. They design and manufacture all their items right here in Australia so you can find beautiful furniture while also supporting local industry! They have a broad range of beautiful wooden shelving, mirror boxes and other items for the home or classroom. 


Beautiful, Australian-made Montessori inspired furniture can also be found at the wonderful Floorbeds for Fae.


And just for inspiration - a beautiful Montessori-inspired bedroom for a newborn as photographed by Jenne Vazquez (based in the United States).