1ltr Bucket

Carry Over


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These tiny but mighty 1 litre Buckets are the ideal size for young children to handle. They measure 13cm tall with a diameter at the rim (top) of 15cm and a diameter at the base of 11cm.

They have a rustic appearance that is certainly very appealing. They are made from a thick metal so they are strong and sturdy enough to survive a few gentle bumps without denting. (I'm sure they would eventually dent if you hit them hard enough but my Pre-school children haven't managed to make any dents yet!). 

The Buckets can be held by the wooden grip on the metal handle. The Bucket is quite light when it is empty but if it is filled with a dense matter (such as sand or water) it can become quite heavy. The handle is strong enough to withstand the weight of the full bucket and this provides a great 'gross motor' exercise for a child who must then use muscle strength to haul the heavy load!

The Buckets are certainly very cute, but you might wonder what their purpose can be in your child's life. Here are a few examples of how we incorporate buckets into my Montessori environment... 

In our Kitchen we use small buckets to collect the food scraps that need to be delivered to our compost bin outside. It is not always practical to deliver each item individually, or to keep the compost bin inside, so our buckets act as a temporary vessel - one step in our composting journey! 

One compost-collection bucket sits beside our Apple Peeler ready to catch the pieces of skin or core that the children wish to compost. 


We also utilise buckets as part of our gardening experiences. They are ideal for carrying tools and gloves out to the garden. They also make a useful vessel for collecting the harvest (as shown below with our slightly prematurely picked carrots!). 

"Children have an anxious concern for living beings, and the satisfaction of this instinct fills them with delight. It is therefore easy to interest then in taking care of plants and animals. Nothing awakens foresight in a small child...so much as this. When he knows that...little plants will dry up if he does not water them, he binds together - with a new thread of love - today's passing moments with those of tomorrow." 

Dr Maria Montessori, The Discovery of the Child 


Metal Buckets can also be utilised for sand or water play. They make an appealing alternative to the plastic buckets that are more commonly seen in sand or water!

Some children engage in a creative and eco-friendly activity of collecting rainwater that has pooled around the garden and transferring it to the sandpit to aid with building constructions with the wet sand!

One of the children uses the bucket with our hand-powered water pump. 


Buckets can also be used to promote eco-friendly practices by collecting water in a variety of ways. Buckets can be placed below outdoor taps (as shown below) to ensure that any spills or drips are collected and used rather than wasted. Buckets can also be used to catch rainwater, particularly in spots where strong or steady drips form.

A child turns off the tap after filling a watering can and the bucket below the tap collects the final few drips.