5 Piece Percussion Set



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A perfect and comprehensive introduction to the world of percussion!

This five piece instrument set has everything a child needs to start exploring the rhythmic actions of shaking, striking and tapping!

It is the ideal 'first' instrument set for a young toddler or perfect for a classroom (or set of siblings!) who might like to play together in a 'band'!

Using the instruments helps to promote sensory awareness, motor coordination and - when used in a group band - positive communication and social skills. 

These instruments are pleasing to both the ear and the eyes! They showcase the natural beauty of wood grain and feature subtle but eye-catching red accents. The wood of the instruments is smoothly sanded with rounded edges so there are no sharp corners or edges. This allows even a very young child to shake, rattle and roll joyfully but safely!

The 5 Piece Percussion Set features;

  • Crash Cymbal
  • Rasp
  • Maracas
  • Slap stick
  • Jingle Bells

Each individual instrument has a sturdy wooden handle at one end. This encourages the child to handle the instruments in a way that is effective (that is, does not block the moving parts) and secure. The sight of the handles peeking out from the frame are almost irresistible - even for adults! 

The five instruments can be securely stored in the included wooden frame. The top of the frame acts as a handle so that all five instruments can be transported together. This frame is also the perfect way to present the instruments on the shelf. The red colour of the two sides of the frame provides an attractive 'point of interest' to capture the child's curiosity! This colour also matches the accents on the natural wooden instruments. 

As with all of our wooden products this instrument set is made with sustainable timber and non-toxic finishes.

Finally (and it might sound like a funny detail to mention!) the 5 Piece Percussion Set come in a clearly labelled and illustrated box! Any parent or teacher knows how challenging it can be to find storage space for all the treasures. Materials that have a clearly labelled box (like this one!) are extraordinarily helpful in this regard as they are easier to store, stack and then locate! A quick glance in the cupboard (or, in our case, on top of it!) and you can easily see the box. It saves you from rooting around underneath and behind other resources or opening countless generic boxes to find it.