"A Beautiful Day" Magnetic Calendar


This Magnetic Calendar, aptly titled 'A Beautiful Day', encourages children to participate in a special daily ritual. This could become part of a community routine to promote a sense of belonging, or could be used to encourage an individual to pause and gain a sense of present mindfulness at the start of the day. 

The Beautiful Day calendar prompts the child to consider the stability and gradual transition of long-term patterns such as the year, season and month as well as adjusting the daily elements such as the day of the week, weather and mood.

The Beautiful Day calendar board measures approximately 36cm W x 35cm H. 

The magnets that label the days of the week and months of the year measure around 6cm W x 2cm H. The weather and mood magnets have a diameter of approximately 3cm while the numbers for the daily date are around 1.5cm in diameter.

Due to the small size of these pieces the calendar is recommended for ages 3+. 

The first time the calendar is set up there is also an opportunity for children to engage in early literacy and numeracy skills by using 'whole word recognition' to match the month and day magnets to their spot on the board and by ordering the numbers to appear in sequence from 1 to 31. 

The use of a calendar also helps children to consider natural cycles and patterns such as the seasons and weather. 

Please note: The 'A Beautiful Day' Calendar includes year magnets up to 2019. After that point you may choose to create your own label for 2020 onwards. 

The Beautiful Day Calendar is from the Janod range, which also includes some of our other best-selling treasures:


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