Abstract Oval Bowl



The Abstract Oval Bowl has a unique and appealing appearance. The slightly irregular shape conveys a rustic and natural 'hand-made' character. 
The bowl has a diameter of approximately 10cm with a height of 7.5cm. Please remember that the Oval rim of the bowl is slightly irregular so the actual diameter varies at different points.
The bowls can be used for activities such as transferring exercises. These exercises isolate elements of Practical Life work to help promote hand-eye coordination, concentration, motor control and problem-solving! The bowls can be used to contain either solids or liquids. A child might use a spoon or tweezers to transfer small objects between the bowls or could use a ladle or pipette to transfer liquids. A sample activity idea is shown below;
A transferring exercise using our Bamboo Tongs on the Wooden Activity Tray (Economy)