Advent Calendar Craft Kit


Here's one way to enjoy a very merry Montessori Christmas - by introducing a 'Practical Life' skill as part of the festivities!

Christmas traditions are one of the special cultural aspects of the holiday season. Christmas time is not just about presents and 'stuff' - it is about togetherness and goodwill. This is harmonious with the Montessori principle of focusing on the 'process' not the 'product'. What better way to reinforce these messages than for a child to work with a parent, teacher or friend to create their own Advent calendar. Even a child who works solo will enjoy the festive fun of working hard to create something special that will become a part of their own Christmas traditions. 

This kit allows a child (or class of children) to create their own Advent calendar using the supplied materials and easy-to-follow instructions. The pockets are sewn on and personalised, with numerals added to create the special calendar that builds anticipation for the arrival of Christmas day! 

The kit contains instructions, the large piece of fabric for the calendar itself, smaller felt squares for the pockets, needles and thread to sew them on, sticky-back felt numbers and letters to personalise the calendar, and a template for making additional decorations. 

When the calendar is finished it will measure approximately 48cm x 80cm. 

The kit is beautifully presented in a suitcase box. This cute container makes it a delightful gift to present to someone, but also serves a practical purpose as it can be used to store the finished product between uses so that it can be saved for many Christmases to come! 

As they sew the child develops fine motor coordination and dexterity, while also exploring the numerical concept of ordering the numbers. Literacy can also come into play as an individual child adds their name to the top, or a class can use felt letters to give a title to their calendar (such as the name of their school or classroom community). 

The set comes from the delightful 'Buttonbag' brand. These Buttonbag craft kits are designed in England using beautiful fabrics, wools and trimmings.
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