Animals & Cards Set - Blue (4-6 Letter) Phonetic Reading


A fantastic Phonetic Language set featuring six model animals and corresponding word cards. 

This set fits into the Montessori Phonetic Language curriculum as an 'Objects and Words' set. When a child is identifying phonetic letters, and has worked through the Moveable Alphabet work, it is time to start presenting phonetic reading. What better way to introduce this lesson than with this inviting and appealing animal set.

Children will be drawn towards the cute little animals - a frog, duck, piglet, skunk, camel and rabbit! This makes the presentation of the 'reading' element equally inviting and enjoyable. 

Several of these animals can also later become part of the Montessori Farm (sometimes known as the 'Phonetic Farm', 'Language Farm' or 'Grammar Farm'). So investing in this early language set means you are well on your way to developing your resources for the more advanced lessons in grammar. 

The model animals have been carefully selected to offer high-quality realism and detail. 

The models are extremely similar to the popular 'Schleich' range (almost identical in some cases!) - but without the high price tag! A collection of the same animals from the Schleich range would retail from $31 upwards (without the matching word cards). This set gives you the same sense of quality, saves you the time and hassle of collecting a set and comes with the added bonus of the prepared word cards! 


Remember that when presenting any Language activity it is important to proactively introduce the correct nomenclature. Do not assume that a child will recognise an animal or object by the same name that you would call it - it is important to clearly indicate the name by which you will refer to the object for the purpose of the lesson. This is vital to ensure that you are setting the child up for success, not failure. If you fail to initially identify the objects then a child might find it impossible to complete the task - for instance, if a child incorrectly recognises the ram as a "sheep" then he or she will sadly discover that there is no word card to match this object. Do not wait for the error to happen - as it can cause conflict or disappointment for the child - be proactive in naming the animals/objects straight away as you first present them!


The corresponding word cards are handmade by Montessori Child's Jessica Langford, based on the design used in her own Montessori classroom. Please note that the coloured border represents the level of reading series and is not related to gender or colour preferences (Pink represents the 3 Letter Phonetic Language sets, Blue represents 4-6 Letter Phonetic Langauge sets).