Australian Bird Tree Puzzle



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Beautifully crafted educational puzzle featuring Australian birds. 

This puzzle provides a range of learning experiences in one package. Your child will gain fine motor skills from manipulating the individual pieces into place, sensorial refinement from observing the colours and patterns to make a whole picture from smaller components, cognitive skills from problem-solving and a lesson in zoology through learning about the appearance and names of Australian native birds. 

This beautifully crafted puzzle is hand-painted to showcase the bright colours and unique markings of our native Australian birds. The puzzle also comes with an educational guide on the packaging so that parents and teachers have access to a "cheat-sheet" when teaching the names of these birds.
Please note: The "Bird Tree" puzzle is also available with birds of Africa, South America and North America. At present we are only featuring the Australian Bird Tree but please 'Contact Us' if you wish to request the Bird Tree of another continent.