Australian Birds Models & 3 Part Cards


 A set of realistic models and corresponding 3 Part Cards to help introduce the names of some of our most iconic native Australian birds. 

The set includes; Superb Fairy Wren, kookaburra, sulphur-crested cockatoo, black cockatoo, rainbow lorikeet, black swan, fairy penguin & pelican.

This exercise helps to promote language skills (in terms of both verbal and written language), concentration, attention to detail and the abstraction of information. The child first explores the model birds and then begins to match these 'concrete' 3-dimensional models to the more 'abstract' images on the cards. The images show the birds in the outdoor environment. This is intended to help a child develop a spontaneous interest in spotting and identifying these feathered friends in their natural habitats! The images on the cards have also been specially selected to closely resemble the models.

The 3 Part Cards are designed by Montessori Child's own Jessica Langford, based on the sets used in her own Montessori Pre-school classroom.

The 3 Part Card sets can be used in a variety of ways to introduce information and allow for the acquisition of skills. They are an integral, popular and valuable element of the Montessori learning experience. 

The "3 Part Cards" can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Use just the large 'control' card (with picture and word) to lead the child towards abstraction by identifying illustrations.
  • Encourage 'matching' skills as the child matches the object to the large card.
  • Promote more advanced matching skills by allowing the child to match the smaller picture-only card to the control card.
  • Introduce early literacy skills such as letter identification and whole-word recognition as a child matches the word-only card to the control card.
  • Play a 'memory game' with the control card and picture card. Flip the cards over to show the blank side up. Assist a child to flip one of the larger cards first, to reveal its picture, then flip one of the smaller cards to try to find its mate. 

When presenting the 'Three Part Cards' as a matching game please remember to encourage the child to keep each image or word visible, as shown below with our Butterfly Life Cycle cards:

Don't present it as a "snap" style game (where the matching card covers its mate) because this removes the 'control of error'. If all cards remain visible then the child can review his or her work to identify and correct any errors!