Automatic Chopsticks



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These 'Automatic Chopsticks' provide a unique option for activities requiring tweezers or tongs. They also offer an introduction to the cultural experience of manipulating chopsticks during meals.

The top of the chopsticks are held together by a round disc. This creates a tweezer-like action that keeps the two sticks together. This makes it more manageable for a child who is just learning to correctly hold and manipulate the chopsticks. 

Working with utensils such as tweezers, chopsticks and tongs can be one part of a child's healthy progression through the stages of grasping. The development of increasingly refined grasps are a vital foundation for the development of a strong and stable pencil grip.

Some ideas and inspiration for tweezer activities for Pre-school children is available here.

In my Montessori classroom we use the Chopsticks for 'activity trays' but also as useful tools in our natural, daily routines. One example of the latter is our use of the Chopsticks to hold the food cubes with which we feed our turtle.

As a side note - here is how we empower the children to be responsible caretakers of animals by monitoring the daily needs of the animal...