Baby Activity Box


The Baby Activity Box is a cute and colourful treasure chest that invites curiosity, inspires exploration and engages the hands and senses. A little one's fine motor control begins to strengthen as their fingers push, pull, open, close, post and prod while they explore the interesting visual and auditory features.

One of the longer sides features two wooden doors that can be opened to reveal small compartments which house wooden blocks. These blocks can be dropped into the compartments via the openings on top of the box, providing an in-built shape sorting game as another feature of the Activity Box!

The other longer side features interlocking 'gears' that can be twisted and turned. 

One of the shorter ends features buttons to push while the other end houses a colourful rattle. The rattle can be rotated in its position on the end but it can also be removed from the box so that your little one can shake it or roll it along.

The box measures approximately 33cm in length and 15cm wide, with a height of around 16cm. The handle on the top makes it easily portable as a parent (or educator) can quickly collect it to bring along to a new location. 

The manufacturer recommends this resource for children ages 2+

The Activity Box is the perfect first step towards the use of Locks and Latches Boxes that are so engaging for older children!

Locks & Latches Box