Bambino Bucket (Miniature)

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An extremely cute miniature bucket! The Bambino Bucket measures approximately 7cm x 8cm with a gorgeous tin and metal handle. The Bambino Bucket is very tiny but it is also completely functional - it's a working miniature.

The 'cute' aesthetic makes it extremely appealing to children (and adults too!) who will be drawn towards using it. 

The Bambino Bucket is ideal for use in the 'Practical Life' exercises that many Montessori-inspired teachers and parents arrange. These are activities, usually presented on trays, that are intended to isolate a specific skill, step or use of a particular tool. The tiny Bambino Bucket fits easily on a tray along with the other elements of the 'Practical Life' exercise.

For example, in my own Montessori classroom we use it as a water vessel so that children can master the art of using a Ladle to transfer liquid (as shown below by one of my lovely Montessori helpers!). 

The Bambino Bucket is water-tight, so it can be used for holding liquids but it can also be utilised as a container for dry objects.

We have also used the Bambino Bucket as a vase for smaller common flowers such as lavender and daisies. It's short stature encourages children to trim the stems of their flowers so that a little bunch can be arranged in the Bambino Bucket.