Bird Seed Tin

Using seed to fill bird feeders is a fantastic way to encourage feathered friends to visit your garden. Children delight in absorbing the beautiful colours and sounds of our native Australian birds. One of the tricky parts of making this a regular part of a child's routine is finding an appropriate way to store the seed - ensuring that it is safely sealed to prevent pests while also being independently accessible to little ornithologists!
This small and sweet Bird Seed Tin is the ideal size and style to be both practical and attractive. It stands at approximately 20cm tall and it 17cm wide with a depth of 12cm. A child can independently open the lid, remove the scoop from the hook, take a scoop of seed and then later replace the scoop and the lid. It is small enough that even when full it is still manageable for a young child to independently carry. 

The front of the tin consists of a brightly coloured background with text featuring the names of common bird seeds. The background colour comes in three options; Lime Green, Lemon Yellow or Blue. At present we offer a 'lucky dip' of these equally attractive and gender-neutral colours. If you wish to request a specific colour please add a note to your order and we will attempt to satisfy your request (subject to availability). 
The small scoop is perfectly sized to fit a child's hand. It is shown here in the fingertips of a four-year-old. The Tin itself is small enough that even when seed stocks are running low the child can still easily reach the bottom to fill the scoop.
The hook for the scoop promotes fine motor control when removing/replacing the scoop. It also encourages organisation and order by creating a clear 'home' for the scoop.
The lid seals tightly, ensuring that pests/rodents are not able to access the seed. It has a small handle on the top which is ideally suited to a child's hand. Although the seal is quite secure it is still possible for a young child to independently remove the lid (I have seen three year olds very easily and smoothly open the lid). I recommend showing the child how to steady the box with one hand while using the other to "pop" the lid off. I also take time to highlight for the child that the lid needs to be pressed down and checked to ensure that it is securely sitting after being replaced.
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