'Bridging the Gap' between Montessori & the NQS


The National Quality Standard (NQS) prescribes certain expectations for all Australian early childhood services. The NQS is, for the most part, harmonious with the philosophies and methodologies of Montessori (for more information you might like to consider our Guide to Montessori & the NQS). 

This document gives an analysis of the most likely areas where an Authorised Officer may find Montessori Practice and other settings diverge. It provides strategies on how to “bridge the gap” of understanding.


Each area of potential distance between the NQS and Montessori is outlined as follows;

The exact language of the NQS is first quoted. The NQS perspective is then summarised on the far left, with the differing Montessori perspective summarised on the far right, and the middle column discussed a solution for 'bridging the gap' between the two perspectives. A total of 15 'gaps' are identified and bridged.


The documents are provided in Microsoft Word format on USB so that you can add and edit as needed to reflect the individual approach of your centre.


These documents were previously available through the Montessori Australia Foundation, but were originally developed by Jessica Langford (co-owner of Montessori Child) and we are proud to now offer professionals the exclusive opportunity to access these resources directly from their author. This also allows us to provide a more accessible pricing structure, particularly for those who are not subscribers of the Montessori Australia Foundation. 

For more information about the National Quality Standards, and its place within the National Quality Framework, please refer to ACECQA.