Budding Gardener's Hand Trowel


A beautifully crafted and durable gardening trowel (spade) for the budding horticulturalist or harvester!

This is a tool, not a toy! No more broken handles or bent tips as your child tries to help in the garden but is undermined by low-quality "kid's tools". This is the real deal - a miniature version of an extremely high-quality and effective gardening tool. Your child will be able to effectively and successfully participate in the gardening process!

Rubberwood handle, with solid stainless ferrule for maximum durability.

Long angled neck (tang) for ergonomic working. Dished body with minimum interference from the tang to carry full loads.

Sturdy and attractive hanging thong. Width 6cm, overall length 22 cm


*Please note: The item image features both the Budding Gardener's Trowel and the Budding Gardener's Fork. These items are sold separately at a cost of $18.95 each. 


Part of the beautiful 'Budding Gardeners' range of tools...