Bunny Baking Tin




The Bunny Baking Tin is ideal for making miniature cakes - especially around Easter! It can also be used for a range of purposes. It can act as a mould for making jelly, or for creating rabbit-shaped chocolates.

For chocolate making it can either be filled entirely with melted chocolate to make a solid bunny block, the interior can be brushed with layers of chocolate to create a thin 'shell' or melted chocolate can be mixed with fillings or features to create your own unique flavours! Your imagination is the limit - there are lots of chocolate making tutorials online (including some great ones on YouTube!) 

At just 13.5cm it is a rather petite mould. This is ideal for empowering little hands to manage it effectively. Another upside of a smaller tin is that it helps to control portion or serving sizes. 

The mould is from the German brand Gluckskafer, which is renowned for both its quality and its sense of whimsy! The family-operated brand focus on traditional toys that encourage creative recreation of real life experiences, such as cooking and cleaning.