Bunny Ears Teether

Little Bairn



A durable and safe teether for little ones who are going through the uncomfortable process of 'teething'. Wrapping little gums around the wood or cloth may provide comfort, while gripping the ring may help to develop early grasping skills. 

Available in four cute colours; Green, Yellow, Blue and Pink (please choose your preference from the drop-down menu). 

The Bunny Ears teether features a beech hardwood ring which has been finished with a hand-rubbed coat of certified organic beeswax and olive oil. The natural beauty of the wood grain is preserved and on display! 

The fabric "bunny ears" are cute, soft and absorbent - consisting of a 100% cotton outer pattern and an organic bamboo fleece for extra absorbency.

This adorable teether is made with care for your little one but also for the Earth - it is 'eco-friendly' as it relies on sustainable products such as the bamboo fleece (bamboo is such a quick growing plant that it is considered extremely sustainable!).

The diameter of the beech wood ring is 6cm. The fabric of the "bunny ears" is approximately 8cm in length (or 'height', depending on your perspective!).

Teethers help to provide some physical relief to teething children and also present one of the earliest opportunities for a baby to begin developing "self-soothing" strategies. The very first step along to road to independence!