Butterfly Park


Another whimsical tale by Elly Mackay, again showcasing the true 'magic' of nature and this time weaving in the beauty of community.

This book is the perfect example of a "Montessori" early childhood book. It relates to a real, meaningful concept, it promotes a connection with nature, it uses quality examples of language and it showcases aesthetically beautiful illustrations. 

The illustrations, while not photographic, are realistic and demonstrate a unique art style; 'cut paper illustration'. This technique creates vibrancy and depth by overlaying different cut outs on top of each other until a rich scene is established.

A child might be so inspired by this style that he/she would like to try making their own cut paper illustration. There is a great tutorial that might provide some inspiration here.

Butterfly Park also promotes a sense of community and belonging by focusing on a storyline of a little girl moving to a new area and connecting with her neighbours and nature. The uplifting story demonstrates how optimism and wonder can bring people together. 

Each page contains just a few words of carefully chosen text. The story is short and sweet - short enough for a preschooler to be able to maintain interest from start to finish, but long enough to communicate a meaningful message.


If you like Butterfly Park then you might also like Shadow Chasers and If You Hold a Seed, also by Elly Mackay.


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