Character Cutlery

Montessori Child


A charming cutlery set consisting of a 'spork' style fork (slightly curved at the sides), knife and spoon.
The measurements of the utensils are as follows:
  • Spork/fork = approximately 16cm in length, 3cm width at prongs
  • Knife = approximately 17cm in length, 2cm width at blade
  • Spoon = approximately 15cm in length, 3cm width at head
Each utensil features a comfortable, rounded handle to support young children to grip them firmly and confidently. Providing children with their own functional cutlery helps promote independence and is a wonderful way to scaffold their Practical Life skills- from setting the table to washing up after the meal.
If your child is still relying on you to manage meals (the old 'here comes the aeroplane!') then offering utensils that have an appealing 'point of interest', such as the cute designs on these sets, can be a way to inspire a child's enthusiasm about transitioning to eating independently.
We currently have two designs to choose from - Ladybugs or Submarines - but we hope to introduce more styles in the near future. 
The designs options are useful if you're trying to differentiate between the owners or 'homes' of the cutlery. For instance, two siblings in a family might each have their own design (so there is no confusion about who forgot to clear their table after tea!) In a Montessori early childhood environment there might be two classrooms, one for the toddlers and another for preschoolers, and it might therefore be helpful to have different designs for each age group so the cutlery doesn't travel from one room to the other.
If you prefer a traditional stainless steel cutlery set, without the coloured designs, we have two other options to choose from - the Child's Cutlery Set or Miniature Cutlery Set.


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