Junior Digger Gardening Gloves


Young children love to be involved in tending to the garden and these experiences offer many benefits. Gardening helps to promote fine and gross motor skills, responsible behaviour, patience and foresight (and more!). It is, of course, extremely important to offer safety equipment to protect the child's hands!

Available in two gender-neutral colour combinations (because boys and girls are equally welcome in the garden!):

-Orange with yellow palms

-Blue with orange palms

These high-quality and durable Gardening Gloves offer protection from prickly plants or crawling creatures. The attractive aesthetic of the gloves closely resembles the style one might find on adult gardening gloves. This makes the child feel empowered as a 'real', grown-up gardener.  

The palms of the gloves are latex which allows for an effective grip while maximising the level of protection. The base of the gloves provide a few centimetres of extra sleeve which is relatively tight. This is to protect this sensitive area of skin and to prevent bugs or botanical debris falling into the glove.

The gloves are recommended for ages 4 to 7 but there may be a bit of wiggle room either side of this range. Each finger of the gloves measures approximately 5cm long, making this the ideal 'starter size' for Pre-schoolers. We use this brand in my own Montessori environment and they tend to fit almost all of our students (starting out with room to grow for our 2 year olds, and fitting our five year olds with a bit of extra length on the fingers).  


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