Child's Gardening Trug

A beautiful natural wooden 'trug' to help your budding gardeners to cultivate and harvest!
Trugs are a useful tool for any gardener - young or old - as they provide a broad, relatively shallow container for carrying tools and/or harvests. This trug is the perfect size for little hands to handle successfully. The trug itself is lightweight, which makes it easier for children to carry it confidently even when it is filled with a homegrown harvest!
The Child's Gardening Trug measures approximately 28cm wide x 21cm deep x 20cm high. It features folding handles that can either sit flat around the edges of the tray or can be held together for carrying.

Using our Trug to collect flowers from the garden!
The Child's Gardening Trug is the perfect size to contain our high quality tools children's gardening tools - the Budding Gardener's Hand Trowel and Budding Gardeners Hand Fork. The tools and trug come from the same high-quality, world-renowned brand 'Burgon and Ball'. 
The trug is perfect for Practical Life work but it can also be part of a broad range of experiences. My niece, Emily, visited my Montessori Pre-school as a 'student-teacher' while her own school had a pupil-free day. She presented an activity which involved using the trug to collect flowers, leaves and herbs from the garden. These gifts from nature then served as the subject of painted portraits. Em would help the young pre-schoolers to examine the flowers and leaves carefully, taking note of features such as colours, shapes and the anatomy (petals, pistule etc). Em then demonstrated how to use a pencil to sketch an outline, before using paints to try to recreate the appearance as closely as possible. The activity produced an incredibly varied array of beautiful artworks - some abstract, others very literal - but regardless of the final 'product' it is certain that every child greatly enjoyed the process of linking nature and art! Many children chose to repeat the activity multiple times, going back to the garden for new specimens and then returning to the paints to create a gallery's worth of images!
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