Children's Blindfold



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Children's blindfold for Sensorial activities and guessing games!

The perfect accessory for Sensorial activities and guessing games! The blindfold is such a diverse and useful tool for the classroom or home environment. 

As adults we tend to rely on and value the sense of sight but we must remember how sensitive and powerful a child's hands can be - and how important they are to the learning process! We so often use the phrase "hands-on learning" to describe the optimal conditions for education but we sometimes forget to strengthen the sense of touch so that a child's "hands-on learning" will be more refined, successful and joyful. In this technology-saturated world - where some children are growing up thinking everything should be as smooth and slick as an iPad screen - it is more important than ever to continue encouraging our young children to engage with their sense of touch. A blindfold is the perfect item to inspire and facilitate your child's tactile explorations!
A blindfold is also a great way to reignite a child's interest in familiar activities and take these to the next level of extension and abstraction. If a child in your Montessori classroom is breezing through the Cylinder Blocks perhaps removing the visual clues could bring a whole new dimension to this experience! If your child seems tired of his or her old puzzles at home - or says they are too "easy" - perhaps adding a blindfold to the mix can increase the challenge and inspire renewed interest! 
A blindfold can also turn 'everyday' objects into unique sensory learning experiences! Collect a selection of household objects, add your blindfold and you have just created your own version of the Montessori Mystery Bag! Sit with your child and examine each object - feeling the texture, shape and dimensions in your hand while introducing language to not only name but describe the item. Then pop the blindfold over your child's eyes and pick one object to place in his or her hands. Your child can then feel the object and guess what it is!
This beautiful blindfold is designed to comfortably fit a child and features an adjustable strap (joined by velcro) so that you can let your youngest learners participate and then let the blindfold grow with the child!

Please note: The blindfolds are sold individually, not as a set! There are an assortment of colours which are "lucky dip" - if you would like to request a specific colour please mention this in the "Special Notes" section of the check-out process and we will do our best to accommodate your request (stock levels permitting).