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An attractive, sturdy and functional tool for your budding gardener! This metal wheelbarrow will allow a child to become an active participant in caring for the garden environment at home or in a school setting. 

It has an attractive and rustic aesthetic. The combination of galvanised iron for the tray and wood for the handle* gives it an authentic, natural appearance. 

This Wheelbarrow certainly promotes the Practical Life skill of caring for the garden but it also helps to encourage the development of gross motor control and physical coordination. By filling the tray and maneuvering the wheelbarrow a child is able to improve physical fitness, strength and dexterity.

All children can enjoy gardening with the wheelbarrow but it is particularly beneficial for children who have been identified as experiencing low muscle tone. The wheelbarrow can be a similarly useful aid for children with high levels of energy as it can provide a purposeful but challenging physical experience. This can channel the energy into a meaningful outlet, which  promotes self-control. It also helps to burn off some excess energy so the child can then feel calm and ready for more subdued activities.

The dimensions of the Wheelbarrow are detailed in the images below:

The tray is relatively shallow (approx 8cm) which acts as a 'control of error' or 'self-correcting mechanism' to help ensure that the child can not overfill the wheelbarrow. Some other children's wheelbarrows, with deeper trays, make it tempting for a child to fill the tray entirely and this causes the load to become too heavy. This can cause the child the disappointment of being unable to move it and can even cause strain or injury as they attempt to move the heavy load. The shallow tray of this Wheelbarrow helps to protect against this risk by ensuring that the space will become physically 'full' before the weight becomes too heavy. This means the child is physically safer and is set up for success!


This Wheelbarrow features two front wheels (rather than the traditional single, centred front wheel). The use of two wheels ensures that the Wheelbarrow is more stable. The Wheelbarrow is better balanced when it is not being handled - that is, when it's simply sitting in place while the child fills it with leaf litter/dirt etc. It is also easier for the child to comfortably push the Wheelbarrow as it does not tilt or tip like a single-wheeled model.  



The Wheelbarrow arrives in pieces and does require some assembly. The assembly is quite straightforward and is set out in clear instructions which include colour illustrations for each step. The assembly requires no power-tools (just a phillips head screwdriver and a spanner or pliers). From my personal experience, my own Wheelbarrow took me around 15-20 minutes to assemble and I was able to complete the process without assistance from a second person. It would be possible to include a child or children in the construction process as long as the adult was involved enough to ensure that safety measures were implemented and that the process was followed properly.

*The handle of the Wheelbarrow is unfinished wood. It is worth noting that the wood will be adversely affected if it is left exposed to the elements. We recommend taking advantage of this by presenting it as an element of the Practical Life experiences offered by this tool. The job of caring for the equipment is a skill as valuable and relevant as actually using the wheelbarrow. It is important to demonstrate to the child how to replace
the Wheelbarrow to a covered, sheltered space when not in use. It is ideal if this is a consistent, reliable space so that your child can better recognise and reinstate the sense of 'order' by replacing the tool. It can also be useful to teach your child basic maintenance of the Wheelbarrow - such as brushing clean the tray after use, drying the wooden handles if they become wet and tightening the bolts if they become loose. If you notice that the wooden handles are becoming rough then you can engage the child in repair tasks such as sanding back the wood and you can, if you choose, add a coat of varnish.

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