Child's Hair Brush


A gentle, natural Hair Brush to care for the hair of even the most sensitive children. With natural pig hair bristles that are soft enough to avoid pain but effective enough to de-tangle. 

Any parent or carer who has tried to brush a child's hair knows that the experience can be either a beautiful bonding experience or a frustrating challenge. The use of this gorgeous brush helps to ensure that the former will be the more likely outcome! The natural pig hair bristles are soft enough to avoid any snags or pulls and just allow your little one to enjoy the beautiful, sensory experience.

A child can also use the brush independently, a valuable opportunity to further a child's understanding of 'care of the self'. In addition to the physical benefits it is also a lesson in self-respect.  It also reminds the child that there are parts of his or her body which do not consciously register in the field of vision. It seems obvious to an adult that we need to wash the parts of our body that we cannot see, but a child might never have thought twice about the fact that there is more hiding in places the eyes don't notice! As the child reaches back to run the soft bristles down from the back of the scalp to the end of the hair there is a sudden conscious realisation of the existence of this part of the body. The child's understanding of the 'self' becomes more whole!