Child's Metal Watering Can

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Dr Montessori told us that "Nothing awakens foresight in a small child" so much as caring for the natural world as "When he knows that little plants will dry up if he does not water them, he binds together with a new thread of love today's passing moments with those of the morrow". Dr Montessori recognised that children tend to focus on the immediate moment but that when they are engaged with caring for the natural world there is an almost magical transformation as the child begins to think ahead and understand the natural consequences of a lack of care. Caring for plants also allows each child a strong sense of achievement, self-confidence and joyful responsibility. As such it is important that any Montessori-inspired environment - whether at home or in a school setting - is well-equipped to encourage this care for the natural world.


These adorable yet sturdy Watering Cans are an ideal tool to inspire a child to begin caring for plants. They are so aesthetically pleasing that any child will be drawn towards them. Yet it is not just about looks - these watering cans are fully functional, not just "toys". The spout has a "sprinkle" attachment, which sets the child up for success as they can water the plants without causing flooding.


The dimensions of the watering can are 18 x 13 x 31cm. This is an ideal size to promote purposeful work. The watering can is small enough that a Pre-school child can effectively carry and control it independently but it is large enough that some strength and perseverance will be required. A child (or the adult) can help to balance these two qualities by focusing on how full the can is; a child who is just learning to carry and tip the watering can should fill it only a little so that the weight of the water does not become too great, whereas a child who has successfully mastered this initial step can then increase the challenge by filling the watering can entirely to make it heavier. 


The watering can features a bit of an aquatic aesthetic - fish spots decorating the exterior!

    • Green (with white fish pattern)

    • Blue (with white fish pattern)
    • Pink (with white fish pattern)
    • Red (with white fish pattern)

We would like to highlight that all of these colours are suitable for either gender! A young child does not need to be limited by gender stereotypes and there is no reason to think that a blue watering can would work better in the hands of a boy than a girl!

Please note we also have a limited number of similar watering cans in purple with white spots (not the fish pattern).