Child's Spade




The Child's Spade is the perfect tool to help inspire a child's interest in gardening.

It is a 'gross motor' tool - requiring the use of the whole body in the movements of digging. It requires a lot of strength and coordination to dig into the soil to turn it, to plant or to harvest.

The Spade measures 68cm in height with a wooden handle. 

The metal spade is available in three colours; red, green and blue. Please remember to choose your colour preference from the drop-down menu.

The Child's Spade is a great entry-level tool. If you are just beginning to introduce gardening to your child (or school) then it is a useful tool to 'test the waters'. It is sturdy enough to sustain occasional use or regular use by a single child. If, however, you are embarking upon an elaborate gardening project or committing to long-term regular gardening work then I highly recommend investing in the Budding Gardener's Digging Spade. The Budding Gardener's Digging Spade fulfils the same purpose but is of an even higher-quality. It has a thicker, stronger handle and a reinforced spade. It can therefore handle frequent use and will last for longer periods, to either grow with a child at home or to be accessed by multiple students in a school setting.