Child's Watering Can



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The Haws watering cans are the perfect combination of style, quality and functionality.

The Child's Watering Can is available in a wide range of vibrant colours. These colours can be picked to suit a child's individual preferences or can be used for other forms of colour coding. For instance, at home the colours might be used to represent locations like Green for indoor pot plants and Red for the outdoor garden. In a pre-school setting the colours might represent different classes - Blue for the Toddler group and Green for the 3-6 year olds. 

They are a good size for little hands and holds 0.7ltrs. They are small enough for even very young children to handle effectively. Often they can be carried just by holding the single handle at the back. If needed the child can place his or her second hand on (or under) the flat piece that connects the spout to the top of the can. This provides additional balance and helps the child to carry heavier loads. 

The long spout is ideal for getting to 'hard to reach' places. It allows small children to reach up to the lip of tall pot plants, or to comfortably reach the higher levels of tiered gardens (or Vertical Wall Gardens). 

The long spout also helps to draw a child's attention to the importance of watering the roots of the plant, as opposed to the leaves. It is important for an adult to provide a presentation around this subtle but important point. The adult can explain that the leaves don't absorb the water directly - the plant needs the water to absorb into the soil so that the roots can 'drink' the water up like a straw and deliver it to the leaves. The long spout on this Watering Can helps remind the child to direct the water flow straight down to the base of the plant so it can get to the roots!

The long spout also makes it easier for the child to control the speed and quantity of the water flow. It changes the centre of gravity of the can so that the child can slowly and carefully tip forward until he or she reaches the preferred flow. Typical upright watering cans often have a much shorter spout and so as soon as the can is tipped forward the water starts to flow very quickly (and trying to correct it quickly often results in spills!) The use of the long spout on the Child's Watering Can promotes a more careful, controlled and deliberate pouring technique. It also reduces the risk of spills and leaks!

The spout has an optional 'sprinkling' attachment. It can be placed on the tip of the spout to distribute the water in a slower, rain-like pattern. Alternatively it can be removed to let the water simply pour out in a conventional stream. If the sprinkle attachment is removed from the spout then it can be placed onto a special knob that protrudes from the flat connecting piece between the can and the spout. This keeps the sprinkle attachment safely with the Watering Can for next time and reduces the risk of misplacing the piece. 

The use of plastic for the Child's Watering Can does have some advantages (even though plastic is usually not prevalent in a Montessori inspired environment!). The use of plastic in this instance does increase the longevity of the can if it is likely to be left outdoors and exposed to the elements. Metal watering cans can have a tendency to rust if they are left wet and/or exposed for too long. The ideal solution to that is simply providing the child with Practical Life and Grace and Courtesy lessons around the care of the metal can - how to dry it after use (or leave it upside down to drain) and how to store it to ensure that it is not exposed to the elements. However, sometimes a home or school environment will find that it is simply more realistic and responsive to provide a tool that will maintain its condition more easily. The use of plastic also allows the Child's Watering Can to be moulded into its unique and practical shape. Please note that the plastic used for the Child's Watering Can is recyclable. It is also a premier grade plastic that is designed to have a long life of being use, reused and passed on to others for extra use before it is finally recycled!

If you prefer metal then we do have a child's Metal Watering Can available.